Two Part Cover

Separate front and back covers joined with binder screws.

These covers work great for uncovered pages or plastic sleeves.

Go for a classic look with an external spine or go for an internal spine for a clean and contemporary look. 

Perfect for any size or orientation.

2 part cover (1)

internal spine_HiRes

Folder Style

Joined panels with binder screws in spine or back cover

OR eyelets for elastic or cord

folder style 2

Inside back pocket with sample back pocket pic


 Folder Style (Bi-Folds) - Inside Back Pockets

inside back pocket

Bi-folds consist of 2 panels attached using the cover and inside material. Menus are placed in pockets inside the front and back covers. 
Suitable for:
  • Cafes and wineries
  • Concise breakfast and lunch menus
  • Specials
  • Bar menus
  • Drinks and wine lists

Menu Board (Hinged Panel)

Single panel with header and binder screws, or magnetic header.

These panels are suitable for:
  • Cafes and wineries
  • Specials
  • Concise breakfast or lunch menus
  • Drinks and wine lists

menu boards

panel with corner cuts



Panel Folders


3 or 4 panels with top and bottom pockets to hold printed menu cover

3 panel has 4 faces, 4 panel has 6 faces for inserting menus

Available in different sizes

panel folders copy